Whether it be regular maintenance, repairs, or replacements American Freedom Plumbing has you covered!

Regular Maintenance Is Important!

We repair, replace and maintain all types of water heaters. Regular maintenance is required for both tank-type and tankless water heaters in order to keep it running efficiently. For maximum longevity, flushing and cleaning are needed for both tank-type and tankless water heaters. American Freedom Plumbing can also descale the water lines and clean the combustion chamber for optimal performance. These low-cost maintenance services will save you money by extending the life expectancy of your heater.

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What Does Our Water Heater Installation Include?
  • Installment of a 40 or 50 gallon gas or electric water heater
  • Removal and disposal of old heater


Being business owners ourselves, we understand you need someone quick to fix your hot water for your business. Having hot water is crucial to operating a business. Call our office at 770-974-2222 and we can have a licensed technician out right away! Our plumbing specialist will diagnose the issue, educate you, and have your business back up and be running safely. *If you’re installing or replacing an existing hot water heater, now is the time to explore all the various options available today. Heating water consists of about 20-30% of the home’s energy cost, so choosing the right water heater is an important decision. There is still much debate as to which water heater is the best value today. We want to provide you with unbiased information so you find the right fit for your family’s needs – whether it’s a tankless or tank-type water heater.


Having an emergency with your water heater is stressful! Call American Freedom Plumbing today to get your home back up and running with hot water. An old outdated heater can turn into a source of aggravation for you! You might want to consider replacing it with a more energy efficient water heater. We also install tankless water heaters to give your home an endless supply of hot water for dishwashers, laundry and bathing.This can be especially beneficial for families or businesses that require a constant demand for hot water. In the past few years, improvements have been made making them less primitive and much more reliable. However, routine maintenance is required at least once a year to prevent sediment build up for optimal performance.

*All pricing, including additional charges, are given up front and will be agreed to BEFORE any work is performed.
Additional charges may include but are not limited to, a new shut off valve, expansion tank, reventing, code upgrades, permits, and any necessary additional piping. All pricing, including any additional charges, are given up-front and will be agreed upon BEFORE any work is performed.
  • Do a thorough check of any problem areas
  • Determine the cause(s) of your problem
  • Thoroughly explain any damages you have experienced and remedies we recommend
  • Provide a clear quote for necessary repairs and costs

At American Freedom Plumbing, we offer warranties for residential plumbing that we perform. We stand
by our work at American Freedom Plumbing, which is why we are confident that the materials we use
and the services we provide will stand the test of time. If any plumbing repairs made by our company are
defective, we will make all necessary repairs to your system free of charge.


Your home is a huge investment, so it makes sense to protect it and make sure it's vital systems are
working properly throughout the year. Our company is proud to provide reliable, personalized home
services you can count on. We offer a service agreement that includes two complimentary inspections a
year, discounts and customer education, in addition to our warranty program. Routine maintenance can
save you stress and money in the long run, and increase the life of your pipes.

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As a full-service company, we offer both residential plumbing services and commercial plumbing services, with 24-hour service available for your convenience.

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