With Summer here, your plumbing system tends to be used to its max! Outdoor water sprinklers, kids home for summer using the toilets and sinks more often, multiple showers on sweaty days, filling up the pool, extra laundry, it all takes a toll on your plumbing.

Below are some Summer plumbing tips to help handle those extra plumbing needs.

Washing Machine-
Washing machine hoses are one of the biggest causes of floods in the summer!
To prevent this from happening in your house make sure you check your washing machine hoses for bulges, leaks, and cracks. Also, Keep in mind your washing machine hoses should be replaced every 3 years!

Garbage Disposal-
Garbage disposals are put to the test in the summer! All those summer BBQs and extra get-togethers can mean a lot of extra food going down your disposal. To keep your disposal from getting clogged try to keep use to a minimum and avoid stringy foods
like celery and banana peels. Remember to never put grease or cooking oils down your drains because they will eventually harden and form clogs. Another thing to watch out for is any “Just add water” foods! They will create an instant clog
when you try to flush it down the drain.

Hose off big messes outside! With the kids being home and all the outdoor activities going on that is a lot of dirt you do not want clogging your drains!

Sprinkler Systems-
Sprinkler Systems are often overlooked and can be leaking or wasting an excessive amount of water. To avoid this regularly inspect your overall watering system for leaks, broken lines or misdirected sprinkler heads.

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