Septic Tank Maintenance Services

Why You Should Get Septic Tank Maintenance Services

The most important thing that you could do to take care of your septic system is getting periodic Septic System Maintenance. People always remember to get their cars maintained but often forget about their septic system. It is very easy to ignore your septic system. The only time you may think about it, is when it finally starts giving you trouble. To avoid this, you should consider allowing us to do maintenance on your system. At American Freedom Plumber, we have reliable technicians who will come out to properly maintain your system. This will help you to have a well-functioning system for many years. We will give you upfront pricing for all of our services. We strive to help you save money. If you are a veteran, military, or a first responder, we can help save you even more money with our 10% discount.

Septic Maintenance- What We Do

When you hire us to do your septic tank maintenance, we will schedule an appointment when it is convenient for you. When we come out, we will inspect your entire septic system. We will look for issues with the septic tank itself, as well as the septic drain field. We will check the drain lines for any clogs or issues. If your septic tank needs to be cleaned, we can offer that service to you at an affordable price. Once we have serviced your septic system, we will tell you if we feel if anything needs to be replaced or repaired. We will give you the pricing estimate on the repair.


During your maintenance visit, it may be a good idea to get your septic tank pumped. This is especially true if we find that the tank is full of sludge and solid waste. Generally speaking, a septic tank should only have to be pumped every three to five years. Some households require that their tanks be pumped more often. Those that have installed a garbage disposal, or have a lot of people living in the house, should have their septic tank pumped more often.

Why You Should Not Delay Maintenance

If you put off Septic Tank Maintenance, you run the risk of dealing with a septic tank failure. If you have a clogged drain, or other septic tank failure, you could quickly find yourself dealing with raw sewage. This raw sewage can not only pool in your yard, but back up into your home. This raw sewage can contain parasites, bacteria, and viruses. You could be putting the health of both your family and your pets on the line.

In addition to health risks, you are also risking damage to your home. For example, let us say that raw sewage backs up into your home. It gets all over your floors. This is going to be a huge expense to clean up. Depending on how long it sits, the raw sewage can even do damage to your subflooring. This could leave you with a very hefty repair bill.

When you allow us to do maintenance on your septic system, we will ensure that all of your drains are following as they should be. You will not have to worry about any septic tank backups in your home.

Another reason why you should get routine Septic Tank Maintenance is that the longer that you wait to repair, the more expensive it is going to get. Mechanical system repairs are expensive. Some septic tank parts can be very expensive as well as the labor to put them on. Pumping your septic tank, along with cleaning your septic system, can help prevent future issues.

Issues to Lookout For

You must always keep an eye on your septic tank system, especially if you choose not to do maintenance. Look for issues like gurgling pipes, slower than normal drains as well as pooling water in your yard. These things will all be warning signs that there is something wrong with your septic system. Be sure to call us immediately when seeing these problems. The longer that you delay, the worse that the damage may be.

At American Freedom Plumber, we strive to make sure that our customers have the best working septic systems out there. We understand the importance of a properly working septic tank. Please give us a call today to schedule routine maintenance for your septic system.

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