If you have a leaky pipe in your home, the first thing to do is to turn off your main water supply. If the leak is coming up through the ground outside, then you may have a water main break. In either case, you will want a professional plumber that you can trust to evaluate the situation. We provide 24-hour emergency service, so don’t panic – we are here to help!

Ceiling Water LeakWhat to Do When a Pipe is Leaking in Your Home
A leaking pipe can cause a lot of headaches… from increased water bills to damaged walls, flooring, subflooring, ceilings in lower floors, and a number of other issues. But relax… the leak itself can usually be repaired fairly quickly.

Home Water Damage Insurance Claims
Depending on your situation and the amount of damage to your home, you may want to file a claim for water damage with your insurance company. Not only will we provide you with repair service, but we are prepared to also walk you through the insurance claims process, meet with your insurance company adjuster, and make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible – at no additional cost to you.

Avoid Further Damage and Cost
Most importantly, do not hold off on repairing a leaky pipe. You will likely prevent long-term damages and possible issues with mold if you address the issue as soon as you notice the leak.

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