A broken hot water heater is a very common issue, especially with water heaters that are older. Many times they can be repaired, but at some point they all will need to be replaced. This is not always a total loss, as newer Hot Water Heater Repairmodels can often save you money on water heating costs or provide you with longer-lasting heated water for your household.

The first thing you should do if there is water leaking from your water heater is to turn off your main water source. Then contact us to come and take a look at the unit.

The problem may be a simple one, depending upon the issue you are having. If your water is not heating up, that could be an issue with a gas source, whereas a leaky hot water heater could indicate a break in the unit. Whatever the cause, we will evaluate the situation quickly and walk you through your options.

We’re here to help! Give American Freedom Plumbing a call today for a free hot water heater inspection and consultation.