Can I do anything about low water pressure?

Poor Water Pressure RepairWater Pressure Testing Everyone wants to turn on their shower and feel full water pressure, and everyone hopes that their washing machine will fill up in a reasonable amount of time. And of course, we all hate the dreaded tiny stream of water coming from the faucet when we need to wash our hands.

My Water is Not Running Smoothly
Various issues can interfere with the free flow of water through your pipes. If you are having one of these problems, it can be difficult to determine the cause without a professional consultation. We will be happy to provide you with a free diagnosis of your problem and offer possible solutions.

Causes of water pressure problems can include a clog in your faucet, mineral deposits in your pipe or shower head, a poorly adjusted water heater, and a water main leak, among other things. That’s why it is often worth making an appointment to have us take a look. After all, there probably are no water pressure issues that we have not handled over the years!

We’re here to help! Give American Freedom Plumbing a call today for a free water pressure inspection and free water pressure quote.